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7 simple ways to declutter and breathe new life into your home

19 Aug 2019

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Decluttering - so many of us tend to view this as way too big of a task to undertake as it appears to be nothing but time consuming and hard work. Wading through and sorting out all the extra bits and bobs that can so easily overflow in our homes may appear to be an unpleasant task, but it need not be.

By decluttering our homes and ‘minimalising’ our living spaces, we sift through our possessions and only hold on to what we think is necessary and adds value to our lives, while creating an open flow of energy by letting go of those items we no longer need.

Removing the unnecessary clutter from our lives is a step that each and every one of us needs to take, as we are all guilty of hanging on to one too many old pairs of running shoes, dresses that don’t fit and old toys that have been long forgotten as the kids are all grown up.

By decluttering our homes and ‘minimalising’ our living spaces, we sift through our possessions and only hold on to what we think is necessary and adds value to our lives, while creating an open flow of energy by letting go of those items we no longer need.

Turtlejar Movers, a furniture removal and moving company, shares tips:

1. Take a serious look at your living space

Walk through all your rooms, one by one, and really take in what each one currently looks like. Now think about what you initially wanted from these spaces. How far from that original ideal have you drifted? (Scary isn’t it?) Remember how you wanted each room to look and the feel you wished to create, and keep that mental picture in mind as you plan your next steps.

2. One at a time

Any good declutter needs to be done thoroughly and slowly. If you attempt to clear out all your spaces at once, this will turn into a rushed job and quick, irrational decisions will be made. Take the time to sit down in each space and unpack them slowly and methodically, carefully considering each item and the flow you would ideally like to create in each room.

3. Divide and conquer

Make three separate piles for each room. One pile to toss, one pile to keep and one pile of those ‘maybe’ items that you need to take a second look at. By dividing up your possessions in this manner you will get a much better idea of what you need and what you don’t. A great deal of those ‘maybe’ items will end up being tossed away, leaving you with only the essentials that add value and are necessary in your life.

Remember, your trash could be someone else’s treasure, and by donating your goods to a local charity or shelter you are not only purging yourself of what you no longer need, but you are helping someone in need who is only too grateful to make use of that old pair of jeans that you don’t quite fit into anymore.

4. Make a list

Once you’ve taken the plunge and each room has been cleaned out and all your final piles are made, make a list. Revisit each space one at a time and note down what you might possibly need (and we mean really need, not merely want) in order to tie everything together. If a new, perhaps smaller, bookshelf is going to make a positive difference to your lounge, then go for it. Buy with purpose, not simply for the sake of buying.

5. Think before you buy

This one is of such importance. With each new buy you need to weigh up quality versus quantity. When choosing new items, rather opt for the more expensive, high-quality items than the cheaper versions that may be easier to buy, but won’t last as long. The whole purpose behind minimalising your home is to get rid of what you don’t need and to only keeping and buying a higher quality of items for your home.

6. Do a once-a-month ‘clean sweep’

‘Old habits die hard’, and it is way too easy to fall back into the pattern of hoarding and holding on to what we just don’t need. A great way to avoid this is to do a clean sweep once a month. A quick run through of every room, taking out what does not belong there or add in any way, shape or form, will keep your living areas clean, fresh and how you want them to look and feel.

7. Love your space

Now that you’ve updated, refreshed and hit the ‘hello beautiful’ button on your home, enjoy it. Soak it up. Revel in your hard work and appreciate the changes you have made and how they make you feel. Remember - you earned this new, gorgeous space. Keep it up and don’t fall back into the trap of allowing things to accumulate in your home.


Get inspired, drop all that you are doing and tackle your home with as much gusto and energy as the day you first moved in.

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