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2013 bathroom tap and mixer trends

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02 Oct 2012

Bathroom taps and mixers have come a long way since their introduction to the market. 

Perhaps the most notable development in modern faucets are their design. Today you can find taps that have curved, organic design lines, sleek ,modern designs or traditional designs.

Today’s bathroom faucets are more than just functional elements in a bathroom – they are stylish, elegant features and are seen as fashion items for the home. 

Saville Jacobson from Bathroom Bizarre says today there is an incredibly wide variety of über chic taps and mixers available on the market, ensuring that there is something to suit any conceivable style – from the very traditional to the sleek contemporary, and everything in between. 

He says while it is difficult to put a finger on any one overriding faucet trend, there are several developments in the design and functionality of modern taps and mixers that are defining the direction of how tapware is evolving. 

Jacobson shares the latest tap and mixer trends for 2013: 

Although taps and mixers are available in a wide variety of finishes, such as nickel, bronze, stainless steel and even gold – chrome is definitely the default selection when it comes to the most popular choice of finish.

1. Design indaba

Perhaps the most notable development in modern faucets are their design – today, taps and mixers are available in any number of styles, explains Jacobson. 

You can find taps that have curved, organic design lines; ones with sleek, modern geometric lines; or others with a symmetrical, traditional design. 

With regards to trendy tap design, the old adage of less being more has never been truer. 

Jacobson says the most popular taps and mixers comprise almost sculptural designs that can be described as sleek and simple. 

Even faucets with a more traditional flavour have clean, elegant and unfussy designs for a streamlined overall appearance, he says. 

As far as different types of faucets are concerned, single-lever mixer taps are the most popular, says Jacobson.

2. A sense of style

There are a number of different types of taps and mixers available, including wall-mounted taps, single-lever mixers, two-handle basin mixer taps, high spout basin taps, and extra tall basin taps and mixers. 

As far as different types of faucets are concerned, single-lever mixer taps are the most popular, says Jacobson. 

“This is largely due the fact that single-lever mixers offer increased functionality and ease of use, allowing one-handed control over both the water temperature and flow.” 

He says with the increased admiration of counter-mount basins, the popularity of tall basin mixers, often with high arcing spouts, and wall-mounted taps, are also on the rise. 

“Wall-mounted taps are popular - they can be used for counter mounted basins and for undercounter-mount basins. Since they are mounted on the wall, they tend to free up a lot of vanity space – both on the vanity counter itself and underneath, in the vanity cupboards.” 

However, the plumbing for these taps and mixers needs to be concealed in the wall behind the basin, so they are pretty labour intensive to install, explains Jacobson. 

Tall basin taps and mixers are a popular alternative – they are tall enough to reach over a counter-mount basin, and they are installed on the surface that surrounds the basin, so you can choose a position that best matches your individual comfort and design requirements. 

3. The finer finish

Although taps and mixers are available in a wide variety of finishes, such as nickel, bronze, stainless steel and even gold – chrome is definitely the default selection when it comes to the most popular choice of finish. 

Probably the main reason for the popularity of the chrome finish is that it is a highly functional and durable material, and aesthetically, it offers a classical appeal that will stand the test of time. 

4. Water-efficiency 

Environmental considerations have never been more relevant with regards to consumer trends and this is true even for tap and mixer selection, says Jacobson. 

“Being green is golden for today’s environmentally-aware homeowners and so it is exceptionally important that the taps and mixers are water-efficient.” 

He says these are not only a good choice for the environment, but since they use less water, they also save the homeowner money in the long run. 

To see whether a tap is water-efficient, Jacobson advises that you check its water rating, and look to see if it boasts a built-in environmentally friendly aerator or flow-controller. 

He says any good quality, water-efficient tap could save the user up to 48 percent of the annual amount of water that flows through that particular tap. 

5. Technology and electronics

Technology is touching every part of our lives – even in the bathroom. Today’s modern taps and mixers come with a whole host of high-tech features that improve the functionality of the taps in question. 

“It is important to analyse and compare the various technologies inherent in any tap or mixer, as they can offer definite tangible benefits to its functionality.” 

For example, Jacobson says various technologies on offer today can dramatically improve the way a faucet feels when it is turned on and off, its durability and how quick it is to install. 

There are even mixers available today with coloured LED lights that switch on when the mixer is turned on for a dramatic visual effect. 

Perhaps the most innovative technological development in tapware today, is the increased popularity of the hands-free taps and mixers. Before, these were only popular in commercial settings; however, they are fast becoming a must-have for residential applications as well. 

Hands-free taps and mixers operate using a sensor switch – when they sense movement underneath the spout or close to the spout, they automatically switch on for a predetermined amount of time, making them a more hygienic and water-efficient alternative when compared to traditional taps and mixers, says Jacobson. 

These are powered either by 220 volts or batteries.  

6. Durability rules 

Taps and mixers can be a pricey investment, and as such, homeowners are looking to get the most bang for their buck. 

“It is true that homeowners are looking for taps or mixers that will make a design statement in their bathrooms, but they are also looking for longevity and durability. They want to know that the faucets they invest in are strong and will stand the test of time.” 

More and more consumers are moving away from choosing tapware that is cheap and nasty, and are opting to rather choose items that are a little more expensive, but are guaranteed to be of a much better quality. 

They know that in the long run, investing in better quality will save them money. Choosing more durable products is also a good choice for the environment, as the longer an item lasts, the smaller its carbon footprint becomes. 

Jacobson says if a tap or mixer comes with a good guarantee, then this is a good sign that it is of a higher quality.

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